Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vitamin C for Parents

     We all know the benefits of Vitamin C.  If you had a mother like mine, one who worried about your health as much or more as she did her own, then you know that Vitamin C should be a staple in your pantry.  Every winter, as soon as a sniffle would creep into our noses, the chewable vitamin c would be brought out.  "Take two, it can't hurt you". 
     And we know that it does work. I still take my Vitamin C, along with my multi-vitamin supplement, and I do this why?  Not just because my mother gave it to me all the time and it became a habit, but because, as we get older we remember the benefits and we are a little wiser and able to find things out for ourselves, and we learn from medical studies that vitamins can and do help us maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.
     We forget that we also need daily "vitamins" in our spiritual lives as well.  We need them to help us maintain our spiritual health and spiritual vitality.
     Vitamin C for parents is the medicine that we need, to remember what it is that we are to be teaching our children.  We are not to teach them "how bad we had it" so "I want it better for my kids. I want them to have everything that I didn't have".  Why do you want that?  If you want that for them then teach them to earn it, not just give it to them for free.  Who said that struggling is a bad thing? A liberal democrat?
     Those are just words that are cop outs for weak, sickly, parents, who do not take their Vitamin C.  It is easier to just give our kids everything than to actually be a parent and teach our children some responsibility.  To teach them to earn something.  Because if we do that it means repetition. It means being consistent.  It means actual parental work.
     So, don't say that you want your kids to have it better than you had it, materially.  That does them no good and it does you no good.  Teach them to work and earn and live and then they learn happiness from their labor.
     The Vitamin C that we need to take is the following.  These are the things that we are to teach our children:
Commitment: Teach them to keep their commitments and promises
Choices: Teach them to make good choices based on Biblical teaching
Concern: Teach them genuine love and concern for others. Not just family

     If you remember that it is these three things that we are to give to our children.  Then you will be taking your spiritual Vitamin C and will be working to ward off spiritual weakness.