Friday, August 15, 2014

Does God Have Faith in You


Bible Reading:      Hebrews 11

1. We all know that faith in God, faith in Christ and faith in The Holy Spirit is what takes on our path of the Christian walk.

a. (KJV) Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

                                                                  i. Let’s break it down by the Greek.

1. Now the conviction respecting man’s relationship with God and divine things is the foundation of things hoped for, the proof that God’s accomplished acts cannot be discerned by the bodily eye.

2. We all know that faith in God is what takes us down the Christian path. Knowing that we cannot see that small, rocky, path on our own, but were led to it by the Holy Spirit, Faith is what keeps us moving on that path, knowing that something greater is over the hills and valleys that we traverse while on that path.

3. In Hebrews we see, listed all together, the faith that led great men of God down this path. We see their commendations, we see the troubles that they went through and we see the glory of finishing that path.

a. By faith, Abel brought God the better offering.

b. By faith, Enoch was translated that he should not see death. (What a great message for faith).

                                                                  i. God loved him so much, that he took him directly to heaven. Now that is faith in God.

c. By faith, Noah prepared an ark to save his family.

d. By faith, Abraham moved his entire family according to God’s will, not knowing where he was going.

e. By faith, Sara gave birth to a son that she was, medically, not supposed to have.

f. By faith, Abraham was willing to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to God, even though the promise was for God’s nation to be risen up through Isaac.

4. And they go on with many others.

5. But one thing we have to ask ourselves; each of these people had great faith in God and His plan for their lives. But, did God have faith in them?

a. Faith is a two-way street! We may have faith the God the Father has a plan for our lives, that Jesus is God’s son and gave His life and shed His precious blood for our redemption to the Father so that we could fulfill that plan and faith that the Holy Spirit lives with and within us to guide us on the path of that plan, but, does God have faith in us to complete and follow that plan and continue on that path?

b. Abraham would have been of no use to God, if God knew that he, Abraham, only believed in Him, but would not have the faith to keep his family together and take them to the Promised Land. Sara would have been of no use to God if she only believed that she would have a son, but then not be willing to raise him as the beginning of the new nation that God had planned. Noah would have been of no use to God, if he was not willing to take 120 years of his life to build a boat. In the middle of nowhere, without knowing that Noah would complete that mission.

c. None of these great people would have been of any use to God, without God having faith in them to continue along the path that God had set out before them.

6. Verse 6: But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that he is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

a. God has to know, and of course He does, that we have the faith to continue to ask, seek and knock (Matthew 7:7). All of those words are action words, verbs. Ask. You have to ask before something can be given. Seek. You have to look, and search, before you can find something. Knock. You have to put your hand to the door before someone will open it.

7. Verse 40: God, having provided some better thing for us, that they, without us, should not be made perfect.

a. That they, without us should not be made perfect.

                                                                  i. Without us, God cannot work a greater work in our lives.

                                                                 ii. Without us, God cannot show us the promises that he has for us.

                                                                iii. Without us, God cannot bestow the blessings that he has for us.

                                                               iv. Without us, God cannot give us the strength to make it along the path he has chosen for us.

8. God has to have faith in us, before he can accomplish everything that he has waiting for us. You may have faith that God created the Earth. You may have faith that He sent His Son to die on the cross for each and every one of our sins and to be redeemed to the Father. You may have faith that the Holy Spirit is around somewhere; but, do you have enough faith for God to have faith in you? Does Christ have enough faith in you to give you a path that is rocky, bumpy and full of promise? Does the Holy Spirit have enough faith, that as he guides you, you will continue to follow?

9. Ask yourself these questions. Because if not, you will be missing out on greater promises, blessings and benefits not only to be bestowed upon you, but to be given to your family down the road, along that path. Promises that you are not even aware of that God has for them, because He had enough faith in you that He knew you would continue to walk that path, even when it seems too hard to continue. That you would persevere through the rough and trying times, knowing that promises and rewards are waiting for you.

10. Does God have faith in you?